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Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the Earth be made to give birth one day?
Or shall a nation be born at once.

Isaiah 66:8

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Upadarianism is the collaborative effort to create a free society through individuals and communities networked together to develop and implement real world solutions to solve the challenges of our day.

We seek to create a future society where the sovereinty of the individual is respected, while being free of hierarchical religious systems and inspired by biblical principles.

Welcome to the World in 2147 AD

Witness the Birth of a New Civilization

The Blue Book of Upadaria™ is an 800+ page compendium documenting the origins and emergence of a new civilization. Readers will find historical readings, essential blueprints and frameworks, inspiring acient wisdom, and much more within. Let The Blue Book of Upadaria awaken your soul to formative truths and new perspectives as you join The Editors in looking back from the year 2147 A.D.

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Platform Governance Reimagined

Social Platform Governance is the art, science, and structure of harmonious living that considers association with other people, the good of each participant, the whole body of people, and fulfilment of common purpose or goals.

We often say that a perfectly competitive, free market based on mutual benefit is the perfect democracy. As subscribers transition to eCitizen status, people who share our core identity and goals, do so with a personal stake in the well-being of the community, not just a parochial interest in the platform's benefits and features.

This concept of governance employs a participatory system based on stakeholder status, earned standing, and organic cohesiveness in a way that is uncommon. eCitizens are platform customers not simply users or subjects. Their ability to provide ongoing feedback in helping to determine current and future development priorities and standards is critical to our ability to stay ahead of the innovation curve in a practical and engaging way.