The Upadarian Voice

The Four Core Ideals To Equitably and Justly Build Freedom For ALL Human Beings

December 8, 2022
Freedom will win and enlightment will overcome deception and lies because no human or natural power on this earth can forever prevent the eternal universal laws of causality (the laws of Creation) from operating in their full effect. Freedom and enlightment are the elevated state of humanity in God’s ordained plans, bondage and deception stem from a sin nature inherited like a curable disease from our first ancestor, Adam.
The laws of Creation all bend toward a movement and evolution in the direction of freedom and enlightment: people and whole civilizations that remain willfully locked in bondage and lies will experience the
consequences of defying the laws of Creation. When an old civilization becomes mired in the sin nature and its proclivity toward bondage and deception it fails and in its failure it causes widespread destruction and harm to anyone who remains dependent upon its structures and institutions.
Our focus is not on the sin nature, the fact our present civilization has become mired, or the coming catastrophic upheaval that will wreck this civilization over the next decades. Our focus is on another outcome that attends the collapse of old civilizations: namely the emergence of a new civilization from within and outside the borders of those lands dominated by that old civilization.
Those who embrace the new, if indeed the new is based on the ideals of freedom and enlightment which come from our elevated state, find ways to escape the negative consequences of the old civilization’s moral and spiritual collapse and, if enough people embrace this, can help entire lands and nations of people transition peacefully from old to new!
We can see the future by understanding the cycles of history and seeing both where we have been and where we are going. We can see what is possible and what is inevitable. We can see the present civilization is in rapid moral and spiritual decline and yet we can also see the emergence of the new civilization.
The four core ideals of the new civilization include a Judeo-Christian understanding and balanced application of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. These are not ideological platitudes! If you understand both their inner harmony, like “Democratic” versus “equality” and “Unity” versus “diversity”, and their interdependence with each other, like how each ideal is balanced by the others, you arrive at a disciplined approach to action, interaction, lifestyle and governance that is guided by wisdom to produce mutually and individually beneficial results.
The application of these core ideals of the new civilization, which alone is guided by four core ideals and not just one, opens doors and enables you to navigate life, relationships, and scaled-up associations with others in a profitable and stable manner. Every civilization is based on their own version of one, possibly more than one, of these ideals: they are the essential ideals of human civilization itself.
Those who properly understand these ideals from a holistic and people-centered perspective, with the aim being to harmonize with God’s standards of righteousness and justice for the nations, can more effectively build freedom on an organic and emergent basis with minimal top-down centralized control. We would say that without fully understanding these ideals en toto your methods and processes will struggle to produce freedom within a franework of righteousness and justice and on a purely freewill participatory basis.
The four core ideals are not our answer to racialist/racist systems, like nazism or identitarianism, nor to right-wing and left-wing authoritarianism.
The symbol for these ideals, the Upadarian Cross, is in many ways seen as the antithesis of the swastika or the hammer and sickle, but only because its invention came after these hateful symbols became infamous.
The two lines that cross each other and form a cross, one with hashes on its end and one without, represent diverse individuals or groups intersecting and connecting. The surrounding diamond represents the four core ideals which gives them organic cohesiveness without violating their individual spiritual sovereignty, their shared regency, or self-determination, in freewill participation with one another. This cross represents the idea that all human beings are created equally in God’s image and are owed respect and protection for their human dignity, human rights, and human flourishing by any society deeming itself righteous and just. Tolerance, respect, righteousness, justice, equality, and equity are the catchwords of the Upadarian lifestyle and governance discipline.
We prefer to say that the Upadarian cross represents the core ideals for a just and righteousness civilization, one that is fully based on freewill participation and not coercion. These ideals predate the baneful totalitarian and/or racist ideologies, and so we recoil at the notion the Upadarian cross is somehow our “response” to the swastika: the racist swastika is a counterfeit symbol rooted in hate that is a response to God’s love, it is the anyithesis of justice and equity, these things, as represented by the Upadarian cross, aren’t the antithesis to nazism, communism, racism, or totalitarianism!
Put another way, the Upadarian Cross represents core ideals that are fundamental to a just and righteous society based purely on freewill participation, while symbols like the swastika and the hammer and sickle are the antithesis to the Upadarian cross!
Whoever uses the Upadarian cross is affirming their love and respect for humanity as beings created equal in God’s image and is committed to tolerance, acceptance, and respect for the human dignity, human rights, and human flourishing of all other human beings on this planet. The Upadarian Cross is the symbol of the new civilization which we envision emerging in this world on a purely freewill participatory basis, that is, by people and voluntary groups or intentional communities, adopting these ideals as their standard of self-governance.
If you see something like Democratic equality and you think this means “majority rule” or “equal wealth distribution”, then your understanding lacks balance and harmony. This doesn’t mean you aren’t smart or noble, it is just what has been crammed down your throat without being shown the inner harmony of this ideal, its Judeo-Christian roots, or its understanding in light of the need to balance it with the other ideals. What is also lacking is an understanding how this and the other ideals can and should be used on an individual basis and within strictly voluntary groups and communities, instead of as a political buzzword that had no real value in everyday life!
The four core ideals are a blueprint for building freedom in your own life, relationships, and associations and by studying their deeper meaning, inner harmony, Judeo-Christian roots, and balance with each other, you begin to form a proper, balanced mechanism for mutual support and advancement that has no peer. If two or more people make these core ideals, again with their inner harmony and in balance with each other, the guide for their conduct, standards, and norms, they will tend to produce good results for all concerned.
Indeed, even if you simply use these ideals to make smarter decisions, once you learn and internalize them, your decision-making will improve and your habits will begin to organically enhance your life instead of dragging you down and holding you back.
Like the four core ideals, the Upadarian Cross stands firmly against things like racialism, racism, bigotry, intolerance, exploitation, and authoritarianism. But more than standing against these things, the four core ideals and the Upadarian Cross stand FOR the advancement of equitable and just freedom for all human beings, without exception.