The Core Principles are explained in the form of a "Pledge" and commitment to follow for the good of all, for the glory of God, and for our own fulfillment of God's best for our lives.


Social Vision

Community builders continually seek the best and most effective methods of implementation.

We seek collaboration among Peers rather than competition within our immediate community and between our regional and national communities. We share in the work and rewards of community building efforts.
We seek to build structures and activities that achieve genuinely sustainable flourishing for all through direct or private and participatory ownership while relying on naturally renewable resources.
We make faith-based decisions through a participatory decision-making process based on earned status and standing.


Social Ethic

Believers and community builders agree to abide by a common social ethic.

The wellbeing, agency, dignity, and flourishing of each citizen is respected and upheld. No harm will be permitted to be done to any member of our community.
Honor is given to whom honor is due and discipline to whom discipline is due according to God's law and the framework of guidelines and principles of the community with truth, love, grace, and a redemptive spirit.
Each person is a free and spiritually sovereign individual created in God's image, joining themselves to a community by freewill participation. Citizens are free to join and participate as they agree to community frameworks of guidelines and standards. Citizens are free to leave at any time.


Freedom Vision

Upholding the freedom of all people while respecting their basic human dignity in tolerance and acceptance of their humanity is a primary commitment.

Civil and moral virtue, mutual respect, and self-respect are the basis of human dignity according to God’s righteous standards, which is for the common good. 
Liberty is best expressed in the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights as applied without prejudice or favor to all human beings whose rights come from God. Rights from God are conveyed through inherent spiritual sovereignty, or regency.
We believe in a just, fair, merit-based marketplace that is totally free and competitive. Democracy based on both direct ownership and mutually owned entities is the best assurance of material independence from the control of others.  


Prosperity Vision

The community economic model is based on the four conditions.

Every citizen who participates has equal and fair access to allocated investment capital based on their ability to pay and the merit of their ideas.
Land purchased in common for the benefit of the community will be equally accessible and any external private user will compensate the community for that use.
Profit sharing from mutually owned business projects will be based on level of participation and contribution to the economic enterprise. Contribution may include time, money, resources, expertise, guidance, etc.
Every citizen will have access to knowledge, resources, and tools by which they can protect their rights, persons, and personal and family wealth.