Revolution Within Experiences

Liberation Within Experience

The Liberation Within Experience is an immersive experience for learning the basics of Upadaria and of the Christian faith upon which our nation is founded and will enable the reader to find, learn about and fulfill God's best for one's life. The focus is on helping people become liberated from within by imparting Christian ideals and values in a practical manner.

Revolution Within Experience 101

The Revolution Within Experience 101 is an introduction to the concepts and strategies for becoming a fully spiritually sovereign person, exercising regency, and being a king and priest unto the Lord.

Revolution Within Experience 102

The Revolution Within Experience 201 is a program for learning the full vision, ideals, practices of the spiritual nation and the various structures, taught through creativity, imagination, and, if you prefer, even role-playing.

The Regency Experience

The Regency Experience is an immersive, role-playing experience meant to impart our leadership principles and to qualify people for leadership roles and functions.