The Coming New Civilization

There is a logic to history. Throughout the known past, humanity has seen a pattern of rise, fall, and rise anew. This pattern is not exclusive to any civilization, national people, commonwealth, or earthly kingdom. Each generation that has come and gone has been given opportunity to actualize God’s blueprint for human civilization, standards of righteousness and justice for the nations, and vision of a free and pluralistic society for every land on earth.
We are living in a unique time in which the rise of technological advancement, the increase of complexity of socio-economic issues, and political turbulence are indicators of the unavoidable pattern all global powers have faced throughout history. Moreover, some nations are exhibiting specific symptoms of decline, namely authoritarian decadence, or Caesarism.
While many focus on the signs of decline and feel hopeless, part of this historical logic is the emergence of new civilizations in the wake of those that unravel, self-destruct, or are conquered. The birth of a new civilization occurs when national peoples’ social, cultural, and spiritual lives become guided by more noble ideals. This has happened in history among peoples who dare to imagine they are restoring the lost foundations of their dying civilization. Ultimately, the emergence of a new civilizational paradigm emerges.
Our hopeful future is that as we give birth to Upadaria as a spiritual nation, other nations may follow as we build the genesis structures of this new civilizational paradigm. With God’s blessing we can grow and thrive together, even amid the dramatic changes happening around us. As evidenced by thousands of years of human history, with God’s provision and blessing for the birth of a new nation, we believe that no power on earth can prevent those who engage in this process from succeeding.

Welcome to the World in 2147 AD

Witness the Birth of a New Civilization

The Blue Book of Upadaria™ is an 800+ page compendium documenting the origins and emergence of a new civilization. Readers will find historical readings, essential blueprints and frameworks, inspiring ancient wisdom, and much more within. Let The Blue Book of Upadaria awaken your soul to formative truths and new perspectives as you join The Editors in looking back from the year 2147 A.D.

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