The Spiritual Nation


The Pledge should be rendered in the presence of a Upadarian flag or image of the Upadarian flag. The flag of Upadaria should be clearly visible to all present as pledges are proclaimed facing the flag.

Our premise is that God has created one Universal Nation of all believers, and He has ordained many diverse nations of believers (Kingdom nations) of which we are one. Our unique mission is to be the harbingers and genesis builders of the new civilization.

As we adopt the identity of a Upadarian, we continue to honor our individual ancestral heritage and culture. We always bless and seek the good of the country of which we are currently a citizen or resident.

The Pledge

I have sought the Lord. I (give your CHOSEN Upadarian Name), do pledge before God, this commitment to and affirmation of my identity within the spiritual nation of fellow Upadarians to abide by the U.P.D.R. ideals in my relationships and interactions with others.

I pledge, as my chief aim in this endeavor, to pursue God's best for my life, fulfill His scroll(s) for my life (called "wyrd"), and be a witness for Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to the nations of the Earth. I pledge to apply the 17 Protocols of Upadaria in the pursuit of these aims for the Glory of God and the praise of His Name, through the power of the Holy Spirit and according to the blessing, provision, and favor which God bestows upon me. I am in the world but not of the world, and I renounce sin, corruption and satan. I pledge myself to Yahweh (Father God), Yeshua (Jesus Christ), and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), forever and ever, SO HELP ME GOD, AMEN.

As a Peer, I bear the keys to heaven with my fellow citizens of the Kingdom of Yahweh. As a citizen and saint of the Ecclesia, my core identity is that of a Son of Yahweh, growing in Kingship with humility, and to exercise my Regency as a joint heir with Yeshua. I have been called, as Gideon's 300 were called, to embrace and be part of a spiritual nation whose God is the Lord. I have accepted the name of Upadaria as my spiritual nation within the greater spiritual nation of all Believers in Yeshua.