A Gideonites Call

We are making a Gideonite's Call to men and women of a strong moral and spiritual foundation to take part in building and leading the genesis structures of a new civilization, beginning with the dawning of a new Spiritual Nation™ whose God is the Lord.
These founders will undertake a Gideonite Experience and be confirmed as leaders and guides both in our virtual Commonwealth and our NGO as these structures emerge. Their subscription and effort will both be part of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing the work of establishing these genesis structures.
The Gideonites are people of deep faith, courage, and conviction who are called out by God to do major exploits. Gideonites of Upadaria™ have a mission to work together in building the genesis structures for a Spiritual Nation™ and the emergence of a new civilization.  The Gideonites have a unique calling from YHWH, and are essentially the founding fathers and mothers of Upadaria™ as a Spiritual Nation™ and as the vanguard people of a new civilization.
They will work together through Round Tables to plan and execute function related to our historic mission as well as to learn and to experience mutual support and encouragement in this work and for life in general. These Round Tables are not just a means of impartation and confirming of one’s standing and status as a Gideonite, they are mutual support groups that will improve your own quality of life.
The process of becoming a Gideonite is basically all about immersing yourself into a future timeline and reality that imparts the ideals, principles, and practices as well as the core mandates of a Spiritual Nation™ and a new civilization.  The impact is not just being equipped to help lead and build this historic effort but it is also in your life. In your own life, this experience and confirming process will open new doors and possibilities and unleash new blessings and opportunities.
To be considered for the role of a Gideonite of Upadaria™, you will need to submit an application and you will begin the process through being assigned a virtual Round Table that will be led by a Guide and a Facilitator. Use the form below to apply to become a candidate for this historic role.
Gideonites subscribe to this website for $45/month and gain access to content, training, and features as they are created. They are also the first people who will be selected for roles within our virtual Commonwealth and our NGO and its Branch Societies as these things are built.
The opportunity to become a founder, builder, and leader within a new Spiritual Nation™ and a new civilization is a once-in-500 years thing. The fact you are here now exploring this vision through this website may not be an accident, it may be an opportunity for your life that fundamentally transfigures your reality in positive ways.
This is not an income or investment opportunity, even if the inevitable part-time and full-time paid positions and opportunities to become paid Guides and Facilitators will be shared with Gideonites first. If you are trying to find ways to make money, this is not that.  If you feel a call to be part of such an historic undertaking, this may be for you.
Qualifications for becoming a Gideonite are that you love and serve Yeshua, have a good moral character, and have the skills and desire to play a role in participating in this effort as a builder and a leader.
We do not discriminate. All men and women are welcome from any country, any race, ethnicity, or ancestry and from any or church affiliation.
We are not strictly limited to the number of Gideonites, but will enroll classes of around 120 and we plan around 1200 total Gideonites as the core founding members of the NGO. Those who become confirmed as Gideonites will forever be part of our history and will forever be honored as such.

God appeared to Gideon as an angel and said, "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior." (Judges 6:12, NIV) Don't miss the hint of humor in the angel's greeting. The "mighty warrior" is threshing secretly for fear of the Midianites. Two more times the Lord encouraged Gideon, promising he would be with him.

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