The Upadarian Voice

Toward A Free and Pluralistic Society

Standing in front of the US Capitol
The objective of Upadaria™, as a Spiritual Nation™ and a virtual commonwealth, within the USA is twofold: to gain legal standing by which the rights, well-being, and wealth of all peers of our nation within America are respected and protected by the government and to promote a free and pluralistic society under the aegis of the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights. 
It is often said, and no doubt we will say it again, that we as Upadaria™ns are rather FOR our way of life than AGAINST other people and their way of life. The very genesis of our Spiritual Nation™ has its roots in a strong revulsion at seeing instances of mass scale racism and intolerance culminating in violence. 
Jingoism, racism, and general bigotry and intolerance directed at other people whose ancestry or beliefs and other characteristics don't jibe with us for some reason cannot be named among us. In our efforts to influence society at large we want to show the world our own commitment to pluralism and freedom as opposed to trying to somehow make our convictions and way of life the default standard of law. 
One may look in vain, therefore, for a "Upadaria™n political agenda", as such. The agenda we pursue is focused first on simply having good relationships with official and corporate entities on the basis of respecting the sociocultural and socioeconomic autonomy of our Upadaria™n communities. Secondarily, our focus is on encouraging the use of a common standard of pluralism and freedom for all as the basis of how all human beings in this land are treated under law. 
We are not partisans choosing sides in transitory fights over transitory controversies often manufactured to avert our eyes from true cause and effect relationships and legerdemain aimed at transferring wealth and power from you and I to a shrinking and corrupt ruling class establishment. 
Pictured: Willem IV at the US Capitol