International Humanitarian NGO

Project Overview

Our planned NGO will be a global force for good in fulfilling our core mandates of Kinship, Missions, and Refuge to advance the Kingdom of God and be an effective influence and witness for Yeshua to the nations. 
This organization will provide advocacy, information, certification, education, and both digital and material support to those who are pursuing the 17 Protocols of Upadaria as a guide for advancing the Kingdom among us. 
We will seek legal status and standing that provides a means of protection for the basic human rights of its members (Peers) and those it serves, including refugees and subscribers to our Virtual Commonwealth. 
In general, the NGO will focus on advocacy and support for initiatives that promote the practices of kinship through mutual self-reliance and support, missional living and a new approach to missions that isn’t limited to the church culture paradigm of the 20th century. We plan to provide refuge by helping Christian refugees and through promoting the practices of refuge through mutual preparedness for crises and emergencies. 

Project Goals

It is envisioned that the NGO will eventually gain some form of legal standing akin to the Vatican, with a world HQ that has a status like Vatican City, and will use its economic and diplomatic influence, created through the support of millions of members and our own internal economy, to be a strong advocate for human rights, especially for the Body of Christ around the world.
As for Branch Societies our goal is to see as many of them as possible, in every country, gain some sort of status as a tribal entity or, in legal terms as defined in the US, a “domestic nation” with lands owned in a land trust by those Branch Societies have something like a tribal homeland or reservation status.
Obtaining legal status and standing, as an NGO and as fraternal benefit societies, using existing frameworks, our goal is to build our membership and internal economy (and therefore economic clout) as well as our diplomatic and political influence (through lobbying, advocacy, a caucus system, and "en bloc" voting), until new alternative legal structures more fitted to a 21st century reality can be established.
In keeping with our Unity in diversity ideal, our goal is not focused on separation or secession from existing countries or political “independence” in the more narrowly defined landed sovereignty or political state sense of the term. Our goals are based on using existing legal frameworks and advocating for more modern and flexible frameworks to enhance our ability to function freely.
Our goals involve using our resources and influence to legally carve out status and standing within and among the political states of this world that ensures our sociocultural and socioeconomic autonomy and protects our basic human rights.
Other goals include creating support hubs and promoting or administering Upo Private Cities which are basically private cities as special economic zones where sociocultural and socioeconomic norms and standards are set by the administration through a charter from a host country.
In terms of outreach, education, and support for both members and the general public, our goals include the promotion of our web 3.0 cryptonation platform until there are tens of millions of people accessing its educational and informative content and using its features to enhance their freedom and prosperity.
Some short to long-term goals, which are not necessarily consecutive but concurrent, include:
1.    Gather, train, confirm, and certify the first core 37, then 300, then 1200, and perhaps 3000 or so Gideonites, people who will fulfill provisional leadership roles as founding members and builders of both our Virtual Commonwealth and our NGO and its Branch Societies
2.    Establish and launch and then gather 20,000 and then at least 250,000 users of the web 3.0 cryptonation platform called “The Virtual Commonwealth of Upadaria” whose users will benefit from an immersive participatory experience and its social networking and e-commerce features- we will target different zones to ensure our subscriber base comes from the key areas around the world
3.    Launch and establish the first distributed city (called "Riqueday City, USA") in the greater Twin Tiers area, focusing on its first and home chapter, centered on Blossburg Pa, Mansfield Pa, and Wellsboro Pa
4.    Build the genesis Upo Hub Communities starting in the home chapter, located in north central Pennsylvania, called Riqueday Keep, then Riqueday Castle, then Riqueday Citadel, and then Riqueday Village, and then also in southern Delaware, called Novazzia Embassy and eventually Novazzia Village, as a prototype for a global network of such hubs that can serve millions of members, subscribers, residents, and refugees
5.    Build Upo Embassies near Washington DC, in New York City, in Brussels, Belgium, in London, and in West Africa
6.    Build a genesis Upo Hub Community in West Africa and then for the 17 Missionary Tribes as well as 13 planned Hub Communities for the NGO
7.    Establish a Branch Society in every major geopolitical entity, such as the US, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa, the EU, ECOWAS, Pacifica/Oceania, and the like, also establish underground societies and networks in places like China and Saudi Arabia that forbid Christians to live in freedom
8.    Establish Missionary and Refugee Support Hubs in every designated Domain (20) and in special zones around the world, per our global vision, until there is a Upadarian presence that is itself a witness for the Kingdom in every global region
9.    Build an internal economy, through a trade script and/or cryptocurrency or other means, including our own global distribution system, by which subscribers to the web 3.0 cryptonation platform and members of the Society can exchange goods and services mostly created by and for them according to our concept of voluntary participatory ownership within a free and fair capitalist marketplace
10.    Build up and confirm a global core of over 120,000 confirmed Electors, representing every Domain and special coverage zones, who can participate in the official ratification of our NGO Charter
11.    Gain NGO or greater status via the UN working with friendly member states, until our NGO is akin to the Vatican and we have an international HQ like unto Vatican City
12.    Within the US, the EU, and West African countries in particular, gain some form of domestic nation or tribal status which protects the socioeconomic and sociocultural autonomy of our Peers and subscribers within those lands
These goals are representative, not exhaustive, and may be achieved in whatever order makes sense based on our resources and opportunities. But achieving them will remain our fixed intention, with the support of our subscribers and members.

Social & Economic Impact

Our building goals are also focused on creating a leadership core who actually come from all of our targeted zones so that the makeup of our team is reflective of the ethnography of the planet. This will not be Western sociocultural imposition but, rather, a collaborative effort by leaders drawn from as many countries, ethnic groups, nationalities, races, and tribes as possible.
We believe there are men and women of every race and ethnicity in every land in this world and of every Christian background who are called to become the Gideonite founders and builders of a new spiritual nation and a new civilization along with the genesis structures thereof. These Gideonites will form a collegial bond to act together as equals in the eyes of God.