The Upadarian Voice

Freedom Will Have Its Homelands

December 8, 2022
Freedom is under assault and will always be the target of freedom-takers of every religious, political, and philosophical persuasion, but freedom is as stubborn as life itself and will always gain purchase on some ground, somewhere. The trick is to know where, when, and how that freedom will emerge and gain purchase so you can be there instead of stuck on some plantation, toiling away in a drone-like animalistic manner.
We will unilaterally build freedom in new ways, with new structures, and in the form of new communities and spaces ruled by the ideals and principles of freedom as defined and provided for by God!
If bondage is the natural state of humanity without the presence and influence of the Kingdom of God, then freedom is the transcendent state of humanity where the Kingdom of God in its essentials and elements is being activated in people’s lives. Too often we focus narrowly on the machinations and capabilities of the freedom takers without considering the superior power and supernatural resources of the freedom builders who, inspired by the Kingdom of God among us, are not limited or defined by the intentions of the bad guys.
Eschatology, the study of the end times, has done more to shift our focus from truth and light to danger and darkness than anything else. The perception, now over 170 years old, that the antichrist is at hand and that now we must but endure the tribulation and become martyrs has crippled the people of God and sent the forces of freedom on Christ into headlong retreat.
Those who do not accept the possibility of victory in this life are a miserable and sad lot who also tend to not be happy until everyone around them also joins in this pessimistic worldview. Their God is a God who leaves them powerless in this life, mere prey to the enemy, because somehow this glorifies God and is necessary in order for the end, and final deliverance, to come.
In the event the ACTUAL tribulation, not the hard times that weren’t the tribulation but that led Christians to abdicate the field to their foes, comes it is, at worse, 7 hard years followed by a massive victory. It is not the next hundred years being treated like an animal and only responding by saying this is proof the end is near.
The Kingdom of God will advance on this earth and nations will be converted right up until the end, the final battle. Never will the entire earth be free and neither will the antichrist ever gain total control. Our expectation is that the influence and witness of the Kingdom, mostly measured in saved souls and then sociocultural and socioeconomic impact that shapes the kingdoms of this day, will always advance, in many places it will prevail as never before, but the battle against the forces of darkness and bondage will also become more intense.
Darkness will become more vile but we will also see greater and more faithful fidelity here and there to God’s blueprints and frameworks for human civilization, for the nations, and for the Body of Christ. The faithful will gain insights, wisdom, and favor to advance into a more glorious future but those mired in darkness will stoop to lower depths and invent even more depravity.
The “trick” is to be in the side that is avdancing, to know what God is doing to advance the Kingdom, when, where, and how, and place yourself and your family right in the middle of that flow.
We posit that God is raising up a new Kingdom nation as the vanguard of a new Civilization predicated on Kingdom ideals, namely Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law. The revival of older nations who once knew Christ, the conversion of nations who are alienated from the Kingdom, and the birthing of whole new nations whose God is the Lord is, for us, the future of the Kingdom advancing among us and it is in this work real freedom will be found.
The globe-trotting, morally barbaric ruling class who see humans as but a commodity to serve their happiness imagine they have the money, the armies, and all the major institutions and, therefore, resistance to them is futile. Sadly some Christians, equating these rulers with the antichrist and the end-times, also see in their power an invincible force we cannot escape except through a martyrdom or staying below the radar. The idea of confronting and overwhelming these freedom taking loons and building freedom which they cannot assail is unthinkable.
The new birth of freedom we envision will come through a Biblical concept and application of nationhood that is spiritual in its genesis, is unilaterally embraced and practiced in community with people on a freewill participatory basis, and that is protected by God in the same way ancient Israel was protected from the Midianites.
All over the world, whether it is your piece of land or an intentional community, a refugee camp or a whole city of refuge privately run by an international Christian society, freedom will gain new homelands and if or when the worldlings, whose hearts are set on their course by hell, turn their wrath toward this work of God, they will be throwing themselves into their own pit which they have themselves dug.
For those who cannot believe in such a hopeful and glorious future, for those who see giants in the land, and for those who fear stepping into our path lest they gain the attention of the ruling class, we cannot but pray for and love you. As for us, our focus is on building the new gaps for freedom, developing new structures, around a Biblical model of nationhood and a prophetic insight into the emergence of a new civilization.
We do not expect easy sailing. But we will give better than we get, we will be more a problem to the rising class and the forces of darkness than they could ever be to us. Our expectation and hope is for victory!