The Upadarian Voice

On How The New Paradigm Will Emerge Globally

December 8, 2022
On How The New Paradigm Will Emerge
Upadaria™ can be seen as a sort of brand name, probably among others, for the new paradigm which will see our concepts of statehood, church, and nationhood pulled apart and redefined in ways that are at once more harmonious with the ancient past and yet so wholly new as to be unprecedented in human history. For those interested in this emergence, it is necessary to read this carefully but with the full understanding that we are laying out what we see as the likely path, we are not writing ourselves into a cornet but we are laying our a basic albeit loose framework which, at least in its essential spirit and principles, will more or less, we think prevail.
Our modern inability and unwillingness to stop and take time with harder and more complex subjects in order to truly ensure we get them deeply, even if we have to read something multiple times or look things up that we don't understand, is in fact a Gideon's test that will prevent many casual and unfaithful people from moving even to the point of inquiry. You will not get this if you read it quickly once, which is bad marketing, but as our goal is to find the more deep, thoughtful, and disciplined among us to pioneer this project, we aren't interested in merely marketing. We can say that in some ways the genesis point for this paradigm shift has to have a location, even if it also has a globally available online platform anyone in the world can access. There has to be a PLACE of highly concentrated effort that manifests in physical form, as much as possible, just how the new paradigm will be manifested in time and space. Hence the first area franchise, chapter, and distributed intentional city we call Riqueday™, USA, or, in its official chapter name, The Regal Shiredom of Riqueday™. We are going to explore how this might emerge from the top level to the smallest level, and then in reverse, from the bottom to the highest level. The Regal Shiredom of Riqueday™ is an area level franchise for a virtual-to-local digital platform, the home chapter organization for a planned international Christian society, and a planned distributed intentional community with a few core hubs and various common facilities distributed throughout its service area. Picture an entire city of refuge with perhaps 100 square miles of total land area that is economically self-sustaining and materially self-reliant but that instead of being in one location has hubs and facilitate and its neighborhoods planted all throughout a whole area of over 10,000 square miles and you have begun to see what we are talking about. Nobody in what we would call the chapter service area is ever more than a few miles from a "piece" of this distributed city, which may be a house owned by a "citizen", a small common facility like what we call a Chapter House, or even a 120 acre hub community with around 500 residents, of whom perhaps half or more are just members of the public renting space. Building this entity requires the gathering, training, and organizing motivation of a pioneer group of around 300 souls but with 5-10 member teams in each of 18 local chapter areas, called Cantons and Burgs, with 17 planning a Hub Community and the main one planning a whole UPO™ Village as the world HQ for the whole platform and society. These people are the core and will play an historic role in building the genesis distributed private city of refuge which will be a global model not only for other such distributed cities as area chapters but one day even for actual cities of refuge protected by friendly host countries. The core or starting point for this "spiritual city-state" organized as a free and private distributed city of refuge is a smaller local chapter organization called The Regal Shiredom of Riqueday™, which will allow a core of pioneer builders to gather face to face and build physical structures, such as aquaponics and alternative renewable energy, for self-sustaining self-reliance or "sustainable flourishing."
We will build all of this around the emergent paradigm of the new civilization, a paradigm forged in sacred and eternal truth and in the modernized reconstruction of the ancient extended household or kinship community itself centered on the notion all children ought to be raised up by their own mother and father who are wed for life. The deliberate reconstruction of this ancient extended household or kinship group of around 20 adults within a larger household group, or kinship community, of 120 or so adults will be based on the adoption of our Spiritual Nation™ality. Through this adoption, heretofore unrelated people will still enjoy a deep and strong kinship that is real, organic, and never forced or artificial. And so the initial development of what amounts to the world's first distributed intentional city of refuge must not proceed without its pioneer builders themselves adopting and actively using the modernized reconstruction of the ancient extended household or kinship community.
What is more, while it will no doubt be impractical from an economic perspective for most of these 300 or so pioneers to all dwell on a single habitation, the first Villa or Freehold of around 20 Peers of our Spiritual Nation™ must be a focus of effort as well because it will be the test bed for these ideas. Eventually an Estate of around 120 Peers will be established which also houses perhaps 50 refugees and leases space to 50 or so members of the public on the basis of fair housing laws, which laws we support. The point is that this effort isn't a surface effort, limited to a virtual platform, though many who engage it can limit their interaction to a surface level. This effort is not revolutionary in any political sense but in terms of spiritual development and sociocultural and economic well-being, it is quite a revolution in that it shifts power and wealth from outside yourself to you and people you choose to affiliate with. A key thing is not only gaining a new appreciation for and skills in using your own spiritual sovereignty but in the necessity of intentional community and intentional kinship all as a reconstruction of the ancient extended family/tribal village setup. You cannot be empowered to stand autonomous and free of top-down hierarchical control by a ruling class through existing centralized structures without resorting to some form of community with like-minded people. Our model of Spiritual Nation™hood, which is expressed in our 17 Protocols, provides the sociocultural and socioeconomic glue that can connect people on the basis of freewill participation alone with others who have adopted the same nationality and which now makes all such persons "related" through a spiritual and intentional kinship. This is such a paradigm shift that most people cannot grasp it and their criticism of it mostly comes from a 20th century centralized industrial paradigm of top-down control. They assume, for instance, that when we speak of reconstructing the ancient kinship groups and communities we mean a commune or that those involved will surrender their individual sovereignty as spiritual beings created in the image of God. This misconception comes from language difficulties firmly chained to 20th century industrial thinking. The "noble classes" of the future can both envision the ancient past with fresh eyes and adapt that vision to the future in ways nobody, either in ancient times or today, could comprehend. While we prefer a collegial and egalitarian approach and we embrace a free and pluralistic society of equals, we understand from tens of thousands of years of history that the first adapters of a new and world-building paradigm become the progenitors of the new nobility. Basically, peers of our Spiritual Nation™, and people who build projects like this, become the new nobility even if their aim is egalitarian. The first "Kinship Group" of 5-20 Peers of Upadaria™ and their families will be "distributed" and members may be miles apart but gather frequently at each other's houses. They will focus as much on making every house within their care as self-sufficient and materially autonomous as possible and yet also within a larger planned self-sufficiency for the group. As the group grows it will "grow through cellular division", which means, for instance, if it gets to, say, 25 members the people in closest proximity may form 5 Round Tables in their locality out of which local Kinship Groups will emerge and as these grow in each location until multiple groups form a Shirehold of 50-130 adult Peers.
The "Canton" will have 7 "Village Communities", our word for a sub-chapter entity of a Canton or local chapter organization. The original Kinship Group will have members from the whole coverage area but once it has 7-20 Round Table Groups, at least one per Village Community (sub-chapter). These can work to grow into Kinship Groups and then Shireholds while going out and "planting" genesis Kinship Groups in each of 17 other local chapter service areas who will essentially follow the same model of growth through cellular division. Each "Village" group may take 2-3 targeted service areas to run ads and hold events aimed at finding the core people whom God had called to build a UPO™ Community within that service area. Meanwhile, as a sub-chapter group grows it may have the means of creating a hub centered around a kinship group of around 20 Peers, called a Villa if it one building or a Freehold if it is multiple individual houses. Whether a Villa or a Freehold this genesis "habitation" would also have space for refugees. They would also offer housing to the public as part of an overall financial sustainability model. It is important to state that people do not have to live in one of these habitations (Villas, Freeholds, Estates, Hubs, or Villages) in order to participate or even advance along our path of honor to different statuses. People will live within a UPO™ Habitation if it makes sense to them in every way, and not choosing that will not prevent them from being part of a Kinship Group or a Shirehold community. But as the community of people grows and as resources grow it will make more and more economic sense for people to create their own UPO™ Habitations based on some sort of mutual benefit corporation as the owner with stakeholder shares limited to peers of our Spiritual Nation™ but not as a closed community. In other words, the property will be owned by peers through a mutual benefit or other corporation but people can lease space there on the basis of our fair housing laws. In some cases this may initially be a habitation of only Peers, but in most all cases it will eventually emulate our concept of a free and pluralistic society. So a single Villa or Freehold will grow to add space for refugees and members of the public, perhaps with special deals for platform subscribers (eResidents and eCitizens). This may eventually add other Freeholds and Villas both for Peers and other kinship type groups and become an Estate owned by around 120 Peers or even a full-fledged UPO™ Community of multiple Estates.
Growth can be seen as more people either become Peers or just platform subscribers, as subscribers may become Peers, as the core building team becomes multiple local building teams from which an area "government" is created for the distributed intentional city, as small landlholdings become more numerous larger, and as small groups living in a single habitation also grow to include both more Peers and more residents of all types. A basic blueprint exists, but the smallest scale of development can be autonomous and even operate independently if need be, thus balancing a scalable network for higher level collaboration with maximum local autonomy that is driven by individual spiritual sovereignty. Exactly how this ultimately plays out will be an interesting surprise, but overall this model will eventually take root here and there all over the world, in key places, some of which we can envision and some of which will also be a surprise. Thus we have an organic, emergent (not affiliated with the so-called "emergent church"), nation-building movement as the vanguard of a new Christian civilization that grows through cellular division both intelligently according to a general common blueprint and framework and autonomously from the ground up in ways unique to each locale. As things proceed it is probable, and welcome, that our model will also be adapted by similar types of movements that we believe will typify the emergent Kingdom Age by which the Kingdom of God is made manifest in a way that reaches the nations and doesn't seek to dominate anyone. Moreover, this Kingdom Age is not centered on the mostly 20th century church culture that prevails today and will be interfaced with less inside a church service and more through practical cultural, economic, social, and civic activities and associations. (This isn't a dig at anyone, most all people engaged in our project are members in good standing of a local church or at least some form of local fellowship not limited to Peers of Upadaria™. Upadaria™ addresses the needs of nationhood as ETHNE and not of the church as ECCLESIA. In other words, we aren't a church or a substitute for your church.) If therefore having read this your desire is to actually consider whether God has called you into this historic work, you will need to connect to us through an application to become a Gideonite, either as an area Gideonite to build a Shire community or as an international Gideonite to build the global community we call a virtual Commonwealth.