The Upadarian Voice

On The 40th Anniversary of the Conception of Upadaria™

December 8, 2022
40 Years Ago TODAY, February 8, 2022
In the wee hours of February 8, 1982 I awoke, probably around 1 am, to a very strange noise and sense of something odd and supernatural. My first sense was that I was being threatened by something demonic, but I wasn't afraid: I was determined to find, confront, and overcome this whispering menace that was calling my name in a menacing tone.
Thus began an experience that started a journey that has led me to this point in time, a journey that would see me find and proclaim an entire vision that, if understood and utilized, represents a huge paradigm shift at the level of an entirely new civilization, one that emerges person to person and place to place her and there. 
Back to my encounter 40 years ago.
I woke to hear what I felt were demonic voices calling me name in a way I can only describe as malevolence. But I was not afraid and I had a strong sense of strength and even joy, from the Spirit, compelling me to not be afraid and to go and confront this thing. 
I was only 13 years old.
I got up and walked into the dining room. It was dark. 
Our house was in the country, the dining room featured a sliding glass door out of which one could rhe back yard area and beyond this a fairly large garden. What I initially saw were open holes in the ground, glowing red, with demonic beings issuing forth, not in massive numbers, just a few coming from perhaps a dozen such holes.
What I saw wasn't proportional to the actual landscape, everything scaled up to be larger in size, like our backyard and garden were much larger and further back. 
Now mind you, I was awake. It was dark and these demonic beings appeared to be wanting to come for me and everyone in the house, but I was up and determined to come for them instead, feeling compelled by the Holy Spirit to not be afraid.
As I am standing there, in the dark, the light switches on. It surprised me as I was nowhere near the switch and nobody was up, that I know of.
Suddenly I am surrounded by men and some women, all the men in uniform with some women in uniform and one not, she having a bracelet I would recognize 39 years later being worn by someone who looked like this woman in the vision. Again, the size of things grew, my small dining room seemed bigger and had many people around an enlarged table with maps and a radio set, among other things that indicated I was in a makeshift command center.
The military people had one strange uniforms and worse modernized kept hats not unlike Union soldiers from the Civil War. They had a badge that included a cross I had drawn to represent Unity in Diversity and then the four core ideals of a United People’s Democratic Republic. 
I had drawn this symbol in 1978 after witnessing what I thought was a race riot to represent a way for everyone to get along and not have to change their own way of life or culture. The Nazi swastika was a symbol of hatred, intolerance, and genocide (I had been studying the evil these people represented), I felt we needed an opposite symbol for love, for tolerance, and for protecting the sanctity of human life, regardless of race or anything else.
I was also in uniform and was clearly viewed as the leader.
Beyond the glass door I could now see in the distance, again further than the actual distance and size of our backyard area, a trench line with "my" soldiers fighting weirdly uniformed enemies, behind whom were the holes the demonic beings behind the enemy, compelling them to attack us.
A high ranking officer beside me explained, "Regent, we must keep you safe, we cannot let you be captured or the war is lost and many will suffer!" 
I began commanding these troops. It seemed that time warped as it was longer than in reality, it felt like many hours as I kept watching updates on the map, the lines changing, and outside the enemy would get near and then get pushed back, only to keep coming back.
Every time I thought we finally had the upper hand a report of a new breakthrough would occur and we would have to retreat and the enemy would get very close. Then we would attack in some other spot and push them back.
This seesaw battle was frustrating to the troops who were becoming worried and kept wanting me to flee. But I wouldn't. I was determined to confront and defeat this foe.
Finally, after what felt like many hours, I suddenly proclaimed, "who will save us? THE LORD AND HIS HOSTS!"
At that instant I saw and felt an intense light come from within everything and I heard a mass of trumpets which I knew somehow were trumpets of war. This was in a nanosecond of time and right after I saw the enemy troops all fling back as if they had all been shot at once. They fell backward, all dead, and the demonic beings egging them on all turned and fled back into their holes, which closed and disappeared after the demonic beings rushed back into them.
My "troops" yelled and cheered in glee! Victory was ours!
I thanked God for the victory and congratulated the troops around me for their faith and efforts.
Then people began disappearing. Broken glass suddenly sucked back together. Holes in the wall disappeared, a pool of blood from the injured shrunk and disappeared. In a matter of around two minutes, everyone was gone, everything was back to normal, the light still being on, and all the proportions were back to normal. 
As I stood there inspired and happy, feeling as if I had actually done what I set out to do and both confronted and overcame this menace, the light now turned itself off.
Just then I heard my twin brother, Paul Gordon Collier , and he yelled "Billy,  what's going on?" 
I went to our bedroom, which we shared, and asked what he meant. He explained that he has seen glowing red holes in the ground and heard demonic voices menacing, but after a while the demonic beings turned back and disappeared into their holes. He later explained that he saw a soldier in the hallway with a civil war style hat. 
That morning I went to school and the whole time I felt what I now know was the strong presence of the Spirit and I could see in everyone their innermost intentions, the root cause of things, and the possible ultimate outcomes. It was an overwhelming feeling and responsibility as I felt the need to warn people. I would randomly just know things about people and would explain their hidden intentions or secrets.
This sense stayed with me. I had another series of experiences over the following weeks in which, to be brief and in summary, I was "remembering" and entire history, looking back from 2147 AD, of the downfall of Western Civilization and the emergence of a new civilization after a tremendous global upheaval. 
My "memory" of this new civilization and of the first national people who were its progenitors, as well as their society and culture, was so vivid and real, as if I had been there. It felt like home and this feeling of not being "home" until I got back to this place was strong. It would, over the years, also comfort me and encourage me.
I did NOT think this was literally and in detail "prophetic", however.  I saw the "stories" and description of the worldview, way of life, and governing model of this new nation, new globally-distributed commonwealth, and new civilization as a means of imparting the deeper ideals, principles, and practices in a way that people could use them to find and fulfill God’s best for their lives. 
I wrote a large "report" for my social studies class about this new civilization and both the national people and their commonwealth which gave rise to it. Over the years my understanding grew and how I described things changed because I found more accurate descriptions than I was aware of back then. 
All this I called "Upadaria™": the new civilization, the Commonwealth (at the time I called it an empire because I lacked the right words and understanding of what I was describing), and the new nation of people. All these things, from the timeline of events and various short fictional stories, to philosophy and descriptions of the new structures and lifestyle of this new civilization, we're written mostly all in 1982 and then edited and revised over the following decades.
While I set this vision aside in 1987 and didn't pick it up until 1994, though I kept my writings, mostly over the following 40 years I tested these things against Scripture, against logic and history, and against science. I sought experts and accomplished people and shared ideas and insights for their scrutiny, which also honed and clarified things I had seen but didn't understand.
But as the years wore on the events in my timeline became real. Today, the world as we know it looks far more like my vision foresaw the world of the future than our world today looks like society in 1982. While some thought maybe I was a bit touched and my ramblings about the future were impossible, like the way I saw the USSR collapsing without a whimper or the sudden peaceful reunification of Germany, or the bloody conflicts in Yugoslavia which ultimate led to NATO bombing Belgrade.
That being said, I remain convinced that the purpose of these stories and the fictional future history isn't to predict the future but both to impart the underlying vision and philosophy and to give rise to a new Spiritual Nation™ that is itself both a refugee nation and a witness and influence for Yeshua to the nations. I always had and have a strong sense that the possible future in this vision is one we should and can avoid, namely because it foresaw the demise of America, something like I definitely do not want to see happen. 
The vision I felt I received through these experiences in 1982 was tested and refined. It was proven and clarified and compared against Scripture, logic, history, and science. It's language grew and improved and through other encounters it was expanded. But the essence remained: a new people as a Spiritual Nation™ was given birth to as individuals all over the world adopted this new nationality,  this led to the creation of sort of globally-distributed "empire of freedom" not easily defined by the definitions of empire or even political states at the time, and this in turn would give rise to a new civilization based on a new paradigm centered on the four core ideals.
Upadaria™ really has its genesis around a launching point from 1978, the Upadaria™n Cross was a direct refutation of racism, bigotry, and intolerance which would confront and overcome the spirit and essence that gave rise to such evils as the Nazis and all form of totalitarian hatred. I once said, "if the Germans had something like Upadaria™ in 1929, there would never have been a Hitler."
Hatred, intolerance, racism, authoritarianism, and moral depravity aimed at destroying marriage and the family, are all symptoms of a dying civilization and in order for any land or country or national people not to suffer the consequences of civilizational collapse they need to adopt either the vision of the Upadaria™n Civilization OR SOMETHING LIKE IT.  I was not saying then, or now, that the only way to prevent the coming collapse was through people adopting the Upadaria™n vision, and certainly I would never claim they had to follow me or any human authority.
What began 40 years ago as a waking vision and then a series of encounters, emerged within me, and then others, into what we will be presenting through our website, book, and platform over the coming weeks and months. Today, many hands and many tens of thousands of dollars have been put to work launching the nascent stages of the new dawn of a Spiritual Nation™ and the paradigm of an emergent new civilization. 
The vision was tested and pruned and refined and has stood the test of time and is now about to be released more than ever before to the whole world. Within the next year many millions will be learning about this vision, a vision which will not draw them to Upadaria™ but, rather, to our King, who is Jesus Christ. The primary and deepest purpose of Upadaria™ is to draw people from every nation to come to a saving faith in Yeshua.
Other purposes of Upadaria™ include emulating what it means to be a Spiritual Nation™ whose God is the Lord, building a global network to promote the preaching of the Gospel in Word and deed and power, and establishing a global network of refugee hubs which are connected through a commonwealth that has some sort of legal standing to ensure Christians has a safe haven if and when upheavals come to this world.
In the end, Upadaria™ will fade away and only our work in drawing people to Christ will stand as an eternal memorial.