The Upadarian Voice

A Plan For Saving America

December 8, 2022
The Freedomist plan to save America is a threefold approach:
– promote material independency and the increase of faith, family, and community
– promote local civic activism aimed at turning municipalities and counties into Freedom Sanctuaries that are self-sustaining and self-governing through a Town Meeting system
– develop an online and street level activist core which can mobilize thousands in any Congressional District and millions around the country
It is in part through our broadcasting of this vision and arming readers with reliable and actionable intelligence that the Freedomist hopes to gather enough supporters to fund this effort. As and when support grows, our intention is to invest in reaching and gathering people, providing them with key infrastructure to facilitate cooperation and collaboration, and to pay people at the state and Congressional District level to lead efforts to mobilize and support activists.
Without people on the street showing the banner of freedom and confronting the woke communists in a visible way that media cannot conceal, because everyone can see this, it is impossible to begin to reverse the tide of woke cancel culture extremism and the march toward authoritarianism. Our aim is to stop, reverse, and end the woke communist threat against our Union and its regimen of freedom for all citizens.