We approach eLearning through immersive experiences. We utilize creativity to design and facilitate experiences which incorporate a fictional future history and role-playing, both online and in-person. This approach is used for in-house experiences called The Liberation Within, The Revolution Within, and others which may be provided by site administration, Guides, and/or by participants who develop custom experiences.
While traditional experiential learning is not a new concept, the Biblical foundation that inspires our eLearning approach instills a dimension of fullness unique to Upadaria. The impetus for learning through experience originates in Jesus’ life and works. His use of parables is a primary mode of immersion through story and relational association that yielded lessons on the practical, individual, social, and spiritual levels. Additionally, Jesus’ assignment of new names/identities to people like Paul indicates the holistic importance of re-shaping and clarifying identity based on God’s design of each individual Believer.
As such, a key factor in our approach is emphasizing individuals as spiritually sovereign human beings who were created in God’s image. Our eLearning approach is designed to align one’s core identity with God’s scroll of destiny and purpose as an individual in harmony with others on the same journey. To accomplish this, while it is necessary to impart core ideals, principles, and practices as well as any shared mandates which might inform our work and association together, it is critical to understand that it is Christ through the Holy Spirit that makes things alive and transfigures through experience.
Therefore, our experiences strongly emphasize spiritual sovereignty in appropriating the priesthood, kingship, and sonship of Believers according to God’s scrolls for individuals and God’s blueprint for human civilization. Ultimately, transformation through eLearning culminates in an outworking of God’s standards of righteousness and justice for the nations.