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A Cooperation Alliance is needed for Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan

Taiwan’s existence is imperiled without a nuclear deterrent it can directly control, but so too are Japan and South Korea vulnerable, because the US cannot be counted on as an ally over the long-haul.   Bill Collier, Predictive A...

World News

South Africa Is Not Collapsing Despite Violent Looting In Two Provinces

In a recent speech, President Ramaphosa sought to calm the situation as looters raged throughout numerous locales in an apparent protest against the jailing of fomer President Zuma. While the looting is a serious problem, causing the call-out of th...

World News

On The 40th Anniversary of the Conception of Upadaria™

40 Years Ago TODAY, February 8, 2022 In the wee hours of February 8, 1982 I awoke, probably around 1 am, to a very strange noise and sense of something odd and supernatural. My first sense was that I was being threatened by something demonic, bu...