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Do Not Let Fear Be Your Guide

The Upadaria™n way of life is guided by love and grace, never by fear, we are for our way of life, not against other ways of life, and what defines us is our desire to live out our ideals in peace and safety, rather than anything we might be against....

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Toward A Free and Pluralistic Society

The objective of Upadaria™, as a Spiritual Nation™ and a virtual commonwealth, within the USA is twofold: to gain legal standing by which the rights, well-being, and wealth of all peers of our nation within America are respected and protected by the ...

Standing in front of the US Capitol

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GOP Leaders Support Authoritarian Infrastructure Bill

The infrastructure bill is far less about building bridges and highways and far more about increasing authoritarian control over your life.   The bipartisan infrastructure bill features such authoritarian measures as requiring a breathal...

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California Wildfires NOT Climate Change Related?

Evidently, Gary Maynard, 47, a college professor at Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, and not climate change, is the culprit behind a number of wildfires raging in California. A criminal justice professor, nobody is reporting on h...