The Upadarian Voice

GOP Leaders Support Authoritarian Infrastructure Bill

The infrastructure bill is far less about building bridges and highways and far more about increasing authoritarian control over your life.
The bipartisan infrastructure bill features such authoritarian measures as requiring a breathalyzer in every car and “studying” a per mile “fee” for driving, both of which require massive invasions of privacy and extra cost to the workers who produce wealth, mostly for the benefit of the ruling class.
Incredibly, Senator Mitch McConnell, himself an authoritarian, has thrown his weight behind this bill. What is worse, if the Senate passes the smaller bill, a reconciliation of the bill, which mushrooms costs from over $1 trillion to over $3.5 trillion, and has even more insane authoritarian measures, could pass without a single Republican vote.
The stated goal of the bills is to “transform America”, which is code for imposing a one-party authoritarian system once and for all, focusing on the alt-gendered atomization of individuals until they become mindless slaves whose only “freedom” is essentially based on sex. The Republicans, led by Mitch and Mitt, a neocommunist duo in their own right who loath the Bill of Rights, are set to surrender to the woke cancelation of American freedom and independence. The doomsday cultists and their climate change hysteria and the alt-gendered rainbow fascists and their war on faith, family, and community work hand in glove with politicos and corporate bigshots to create a new feudalism.
The GOP are set to provide 20 votes for this anti-freedom, authoritarian bill that will further add to the national debt and essentially ensure our eventual bankruptcy. Less than 25% of all money spent actually goes to infrastructure, most of it consists of votes buying corruption that sends money to cronies and causes that support this trend toward authoritarianism. To say the Republicans will win in 2022 after they support this authoritarianism and waste is to assume potential GOP voters will see in them an alternative to the Democrats.