The Kha Yasa reflects the divine laws of God and His purposes for the spiritual nation of Upadaria. The Kha Yasa contains the revealed will of God as it pertains to relationship with Him and one another. It is based on the "Ways of the Lord" as explained in Proverbs and throughout the Bible. A chief revelation of God's will is that Believers are given the choice of freewill participation to live as a People in, of, and through Yeshua, the Messiah who is Savior, Lord, Sovereign, and Provider.

A "Yasa" is a Mongolian word meaning an inner law that provides standards and instructively assigns goals and aims. A Yasa is a personal constitution that God provides to Believers; it is a writing on the tablets of our hearts. Even when a Yasa is written on paper, it becomes engraved within by the Spirit of God who confirms it as a personal Yasa. Yasas of all types mean nothing if they are not deeply personal, even embedded and expressed at the DNA level.

The purpose of a Yasa is to consecrate life unto God. This occurs by one's allowance and agreement with Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit to express one's unique identity and qualify individuals for the roles and callings in their Wyrd. Then, by serving the good of one's family, community, tribe, nation, and world as witnesses and examples of the gospel, God's ways and God's will redemptively transform existence, making all things new.

Some parts of the Kha Yasa are a living document. Other parts are a legalistic, constructionist document. In the Oracles, the Kha Yasa is legalistic and constructionist, in its Statutes it is less legalistic but not easily alterable, especially the Charter Statutes. In its Ordinances and Judgments, it is a living document which is added to, altered, and amended as time and necessity require.

The Kha Yasa is divided into 4 parts: Oracles, Statutes, Ordinances, and Judgments.

An Oracle for example is wisdom, principles, or requirements for observance to receive God's blessings according to the promise He made to Abraham and the nations born through his family. Only the High Council of the Commonwealth may issue an Oracle. Nothing within the Kha Yasa may violate scripture or the Oracles.