Some Key Issues as we move forward

These are, as we see them, some of the key issues about our approach to tackling them. However, this is all in keeping with our concept of "The Revolution Within Experience" and indirect influence. We would seek to do the things that can be done privately or they are items we would speak about urging the powers that be to use these ideas.
1. Freedom with liberty and justice for all in peace and safety as the chief aim of government and the magisterial authority
2. A free and just economy emphasizing free markets, mutual assurance, free association, voluntary participatory ownership, the gold standard, and cooperatives
3. End bigotry and racism through strong protections for poor and minorities and aid to depressed and disadvantaged groups designed to sunset after local self-sustainability is obtained
4. Sustainable and renewable resources to promote individual and local autonomy and a clean and healthy environment
5. Promote and nurture marriage and parenthood within nuclear and extended families without imposing upon or violating the rights of anyone
6. A strong social safety net through mutual assurance and regional social compacts, leaving nobody behind
7. Economic decentralization within a free and consensual market based economy, busting up monopolies and trusts which arrogate economic power (massive wealth inequality being seen as a cause of injustice and instability)
8. The right to self-preservation for individuals, families, free associations, and local communities
9. The right to freehold from taxation and over-regulation with progressive taxation on land and property beyond a freehold
10. Elector's rights including the right of petition, recall, redress, and censure of any act or official by qualified Electors
11. A free and pluralistic society based on liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights applied within favor or prejudice
12. A Commonwealth of free and sovereign national peoples (domestic fraternal nations)
13. A union of self-reliant and self-sustaining sovereign free cities and free republics
14. Local collaborative democracies (Town Meeting systems) with local mediums of exchange
15. Freedom Shires (counties as self-sustaining and self-reliant Bill of Rights sanctuaries governed through Town Meetings and Delegates to a County Assembly)
16. Freedom as foreign policy without interventionism or foreign entanglements that degrade sovereignty but which promote free trade that is equitable and just to all.