A Upadarian Life

What can being part of Upadaria, adopting this way of life, do for you?

The Upadarian way of life is both a return to ancient foundations and practices and an adaptive and forward-looking approach to new realities and new technologies. It is a Christ-centered and Kingdom-focused lifestyle and governance discipline that responds to the present societal failures with something powerful and positive.
As people explore the meaning and application of this approach to spiritual nationhood rooted in Jesus Christ, they will find practical ways to deal with a society and its structures that are becoming more oppressive, limiting, and hostile toward Christians.

We cannot be a witness and influence for Jesus to a society when we are dependent upon that society's structures and therefore under its influence and control. The lifestyle and governance systems and structures of the present society are designed to draw you away from truth and toward bandage: you must separate yourself from their influence and control without isolating yourself from the people still under their sway.
If all around you there is moral depravity and corruption, then you must seek an alternative. But no person is an island, we need sociocultural connections and interdependence between people who share our lifestyle and values.

Through things like Upadaria, or any other form of nationhood rooted in Christ, you can connect with other people on an objective basis. Using things like the 17 Protocols and our ideals, principles, and practices you can define standards and norms that are beneficial to all, fair, and equitable as you pursue the kinds of connections that will give you material independence from the corrupting influences and structures of the present failing society.

We don't claim that Upadaria is the only possible path to obtain freedom from dependence upon a corrupting system, but we do say it is an excellent and Biblical repsonse that, for some, may actually be the only practical, ready-made alternative.

As we produce The Blue Book of Upadaria and the platform, called Upadaria, you will gain practical tools and resources to apply the concept of spiritual nationhood in Christ to your own life and relationships. If you want to be free and prosperous and remain a witness and influence for Jesus to people around you, adopting our form of spiritual nationhood and using its ideals, principles, and practices while pursuing its mandates may in fact be your best response.