The Upadarian Voice

Project Overview

The Upadarian Voice
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The Upadarian Voice - Premium Version (Exclusive to E-Residents)
All Social Platform Subscribers will receive a "Premium Version" more in-depth content and more coverage of world events, especially focused on the state of the Body of Christ and emerging hazards to their freedom, safety, wellness, with perspectives on wealth and security.

The Upadarian Voice - Premium Version with News Scope (Exclusive to E-Citizens)
The E-Citizen Social Platform Subscriber Premium Edition  will include more in-depth Geo Political and Business News and Intelligence in a special section called "News Scope"
Whether you are a Believer in Yeshua, a Peer of our Spiritual Nation, or an eCitizen of our Virtual Commonwealth, or just someone who wants to improve their life, you will find The Upadarian Voice to be a fresh, unique, and uplifting resource that will give you ideas and impart practical ways to improve your quality of life.
To get started, simply sign up for the Email List or Subscribe to the Social Platform and become an E-Citizen of our Virtual Commonwealth. Feel free to visit our News section to view articles and find out more about the digital news and empowerment resource of The Virtual Commonwealth.

Project Goals

The Upadarian Voice is the The News Journal of The New Civilization
The mission of the Upadarian Voice is to provide Resources and Advocacy and be a Watchdog (RAW) for the whole community of Believers in Yeshua, especially (but not exclusively) those who embrace the new civilization, and to do so in an Educational and Entertaining manner (E2). We call this RAW/E2 or simply RAWE, news.

The theme of The Upadarian Voice is the concepts of a coming new civilization built on the four core ideals of Kingdom governance and the birth of a new nation of people whose God is the Lord. The news journal will cover the whole of the Body of Christ, it will cover the Upadarian community as it emerges, it will cover world events and news, it will include edifying and inspirational content, it will include course materials and Bible studies, and it will include entertainment such as art, poetry, humor, and fiction.

One goal of the Upadarian Voice is to create a more collaborative process with the audience and to do revenue-sharing with content providers in order to become a true people-powered free press.
The long-term goal is to develop a weekly printable pdf version for each Branch Society (e.g The USA Voice for the Upadarian Society of America) as well as print editions for each area chapter community, called Shires and “distributed cities”, (e.g. “The Riqueday, USA Voice" Riqueday, USA).